Human Factors Workshop

In keeping with the NHS Patient Safety Strategy and the National Patient Safety Syllabus 2.0, the Clinical Skills & Simulation team at MKUH have launched Human Factors workshops for all staff.

The prime objectives of offering this training to all staff are:

  • Preventing harm before it occurs
  • Reduce the risks created by systems and practices
  • Develop a genuine culture of patient safety

Human Factors is a discipline that considers both the physical and mental characteristics of people as well as the organisational factors or wider socio-technical system.

It is the application of scientific methods to the design and evaluation of tasks, jobs, equipment, environments, and systems to make them more compatible with the needs, capabilities, and limitations of people.

In healthcare, Human Factors can improve human performance, optimise well-being, improve both staff and patient safety and experience and improve the overall system performance. Human Factors, when applied systematically throughout the organisation, has the biggest impact. The one day Human Factors workshop is accredited by the CIEHF (Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors). The training was launched in May 2021 and is now delivered twice a month. The faculty consists of 18 staff from MKUH from medical, nursing, and allied health professional groups.

Last Modified: 9:22am 13/08/2021