Breast Cancer

Receiving a cancer diagnosis is something no-one wants to hear.

You may feel numb, frightened, lost, alone, as if you have no-one to turn to BUT we hope these pages help you find your way through and realise that there is a whole team here at MKUH ready to care for you and support you at each stage.

Above all we want you to feel supported and re-assured too. Please do talk to one of the team if you have any concerns or any queries regarding appointments.

Outpatient breast clinic
You may wish to bring a dressing gown with you.
You are advised to wear trousers or a skirt.
You will be asked to remove clothes above the waist to enable the team to assess you.

Breast screening call back
Sometimes we need further information to ensure we provide you with the best care.
You will find more information in this Breast Screening leaflet.

If you need any scans you may find the following telephone numbers useful:

CT Scan
01908 995 697

MRI Scan
01908 995 651

Bone Scan
01604 545 635

PET Scan
01604 523 581

Bedford Nuclear Medicine
01234 792 053

Follow-up Mammogram
01908 995 883

You will have many questions.

Last Modified: 3:21pm 01/03/2023