You Said, We Did

Your feedback makes a difference and we want you to see how.

You said, we did.

Your feedback enables us to make improvements to the care we provide to our patients and families.

Please find below some of the changes we have made as a result of your feedback.

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  • Trialling new ward communication guideline to ensure regular contact with families
  • Ward 15 – Implementation of a hotline for families to call to discuss any questions/concerns
  • ED have worked on ensuring patients are well fed. There is a daily supply of sandwiches, hot drinks and hot food available
  • Ward 18 – In conjunction with therapists, have set up a breakfast club to encourage people to make their own breakfast
  • Ward 14 – Afternoon tea held on a Friday afternoon
  • Ward 18 – Therapists undertake music and movement session with patients and families

Women’s and Children’s

  • Ward 5 – Senior Nurse undertaking morning rounds talking to parents and getting feedback
  • Maternity developing a patient information leaflet outlining clear contact details for all different areas in community
  • Maternity – Human factors training being undertaken to improve communication. Uses real life case studies to encourage learning from lived experiences and reflection on communication skills and how human factors impact on communication


  • ICU introduced Rehabilitation Boards focusing on patients. Provides information about the patient, plans for their day and multidisciplinary goals.
  • Rheumatology are using the iOWNA App to allow relevant clinical information to be sent to patients, alongside tailored plan of care. Allows dialogue between patients and clinicians
  • Ward 23 invited a patient in to tell their story following a complaint. This was also recorded for training

Core Clinical

  • New electronic food ordering to come into force

Other Areas

  • Charity are raising funds for:
  1. Cardiology waiting room refurbishment
  2. Ward 3 day room refurbishment
  3. Ward 18 day room to have a ‘mock up’ of a café with appropriate furniture and games etc

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