You Said, We Did

Your feedback makes a difference, and we want you to see how.

‘You said, we did.’

Your feedback enables us to make improvements to the care we provide to our patients, families, and carers.

Please find below some of the changes we have made as a result of your feedback.

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Permanent Trust wide quality boards are now up on the wards

  • Perfect Day completed in the Emergency Department. This was to review flow and patient experience and to challenge wait times for reviews
  • Housekeeper in the Emergency Department working on late shifts to support evening meal rounds
  • Matrons arranging night visits on each area to support staff and to continue to monitor noise at night
  • Wards to plan regular updates to ensure up to date treatment plants are communicated to patients
  • ‘Night Mode’ continuing to be monitored on all adult inpatient areas to reduce disturbance and ensure patients get a good night sleep

Women’s and Children’s


  • Maternity have recruited a second smoking cessation officer to support the service
  • Maternity are undertaking work to improve the courtyard for patients and families
  • Maternity are trialling Sign Live, which is a 24/7 online BSL translation service Maternity have recruited a Maternity Service User Experience Lead


  • Paediatrics have introduced a nutrition round on NNU
  • Paediatrics have appointed a Complex Pathway Nurse. A key role of this position is to support children and families who have complex discharges
  • Paediatrics have recently filmed the NNU unit to create a 3D video tour of the unit for patients and families
  • Paediatrics now have a Multi-Disciplinary Team Office within NNU. This enables clinicians to be more readily accessible to patients and families


  • Permanent Trust wide quality boards are now up on the wards
  • Eye Clinic now have a Registered Nurse doing some minor surgery and Biometery testing for glaucoma patients
  •  Ward 20 and the Stoma team are inviting patients into their senior meeting to hear their experiences
  • ‘Night Mode’ continuing to be monitored on all adult inpatient areas to reduce disturbance and ensure patients get a good night sleep

Core Clinical

  • Therapies – as a result of some complaints regarding letters not matching signage around the Trust, this has now been changed to read Therapy Department, rather than just Physiotherapy Department. This reflects the other disciplines such as Occupational Therapy and Orthotics in the department.
  • Catering Team are now collecting feedback on patients’ meal service from QR code on menu
  •  Dining Companion Volunteer training continues with the frailty leads to support staff and patients on wards
  • Therapies – My Care update integrated across departments giving patients ability to reschedule and cancel their appointments for their mobile phones

Other Areas

  • Patient Experience have commenced a quarterly newsletter for staff and social media infographic
  • Patient Experience are working on a joint project with the Frailty team, Age UK and the Charity to highlight the significance of dignity and preventing de-conditioning. Raising money to ensure patients have suitable clothing during admission and on discharge from hospital
  • Charity have funded and are putting finishing touches to a new relatives room in the ICU
  • Chaplaincy have recruited a new chaplain
  • Armed Forces – the Trust now has the MOD Employer Recognition Scheme Gold Award
  • Learning Disabilities – Trust now has a dedicated LD nurse who started on the 31st July 2023
  • Learning Disabilities – have introduced a new symbol as awareness for staff
  • Learning Disabilities – have introduced an elective surgery patient with the Pre-operative Assessment team
  • Dementia – Trust now has a dedicated Dementia nurse
  • Dementia – have made key connections in the community to help support patients when they are admitted and discharged
  • Dementia – posters and carers passes designed to support out of hours visiting
  • Volunteers – Butterfly volunteers now working in collaboration with Palliative and End of Life Team. This is to ensure that no patients die alone

Last Modified: 11:28am 11/10/2023