You Said, We Did

Your feedback makes a difference and we want you to see how.

You said, we did.

Your feedback enables us to make improvements to the care we provide to our patients and families.

Please find below some of the changes we have made as a result of your feedback.

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  • Implemented an End of Life side room in the Emergency Department
  • Refurbished the Day Room on Ward 18 with the support of the Charity
  • Matrons have been undertaking night rounds to look at patient experience and noise at night
  • Commenced a sickle cell pathway for patients who attend the Emergency Department along with training for staff

Women’s and Children’s

  • Labour Ward refreshment has been undertaken to improve the waiting area, courtyard, and equipment and environment in the birthing rooms
  • Antenatal classes have recommended and are offered to all service users
  • Midwives enrolled on course to support reduction in delay in being discharged home
  • Birth partners are consistently supported to be present for spinal procedures in theatre
  • Maternity have introduced night mode on the Postnatal Ward to support a less noisy environment for patients
  • Monthly birth statistics infographic has been reviewed and updated in response to service user feedback
  • Paediatrics have introduced Senior Sister daily rounds which include children and families
  • Play Team have introduced age appropriate packs for children with mental health issues
  • NNU have purchased new breastfeeding chairs


  • Inpatient survey action plan commenced
  • Piloting board rounds on Ward 20 with emergency physicians
  • Pressure ulcer action plan commenced for Ward 23. Shared learning of good practice within the division
  • Increase in elective weekend work to improve waiting lists

Core Clinical

  • Electronic meal ordering is being rolled out, staff order meals with patients at their bedside
  • Additional seating has been sought for the main x-ray waiting room

Other Areas

  • Patient Experience Team have launched a Patient Experience Resource trolleys for the wards. This contains a wealth of information for patients and families, including information on how to share feedback, hospital and ward information, activity items for patients and visitors to use, resources to help patients and families stay in touch, and comfort items for patients to use on the wards.
  • Hospital charity have purchased a vein finding machine for HIV patients
  • Hospital charity have funded art work to brighten up one of the waiting areas in the Cancer Centre
  • Meaningful Activities Facilitator has recruited volunteers to support patients on wards with soft-touch support (including art activities, handholding, general conversations), activities and engagement
  • Voluntary Services have increased the number of volunteers in various roles to support patients and staff
  • Voluntary Services have engaged with the MacIntyre Trust to place their learners into volunteering roles
  • Chaplaincy Team have recruited more Pastoral Support volunteers
  • Chaplaincy Team have attended a meeting of Milton Keynes Child Poverty Partnership, which aims to prevent children in Milton Keynes spending their whole childhood in poverty
  • Research Team currently have 131 open studies

Last Modified: 1:54pm 24/03/2023