Therapy dog Ted’s hospital visits

Date: 21/03/2023

A four-footed visitor is making a real difference to patients on Ward 19 at Milton Keynes University Hospital. Red Labrador, Ted, is one of the hospital’s growing number of Pets As Therapy dogs who come along to the site to brighten up our patients’ stays. Accompanied by his owner Alison Baylis, Ted enjoys his role meeting and greeting patients.

‘There’s a real buzz on the ward on the day that Ted comes to visit,’ says Sister Jane Hartland. ‘It makes such a big difference to our patients and Ted is a superstar and loves all the attention. I have received very positive feedback and often hear the patients discussing his visit later. I’ve also seen patients who don’t engage very much light up when they see him.’

Patient Pauline Ikin was thrilled to see Ted walk into her bay. ‘It makes such a difference to see a dog on the ward, the atmosphere completely changes. I used to have dogs myself so it’s a real treat to be able to pat such a friendly dog as Ted,’ says Pauline.