The Friends and Family Test goes mobile

Date: 01/10/2021

Following a successful pilot, we will now be rolling the Friends and Family Test digital initiative out across all Outpatient clinics at MKUH from Monday 4 October.

Feedback from our patients is vital for helping to shape how we deliver services in the future.

Just one of the ways we capture this feedback is through the NHS Friends and Family Test (FFT) which was created to help NHS organisations better understand whether patients were happy with the service they received. Traditionally, the process for capturing this feedback at MKUH was a challenge and we are constantly looking for ways to make this as easy as possible for our patients to complete.

That’s why from Monday 4 October, patients attending an outpatient appointment across all specialities will be given the chance to take part in our digital pilot. Within 48 hours of attending their appointment, those that are registered with our MyCARE patient portal will have a short survey sent directly to their mobile phone where they will be able to offer their feedback at the click of a button. This survey will be sent as a text message, similarly to the communication patients would typically receive from the MyCARE platform.

The aim of this is to enable as many of our patients to provide their feedback as possible, in a way that is simple, easy and unobtrusive. The increase in the feedback that we receive from patients will enable us to better understand the things that we are doing well and identify the areas of improvement.

Have a question? Take a look at some of our FAQs below:

Who will the text message come from?

You will receive a message from our MyCARE patient portal. While the sender contact information will display as a mobile number, the content of the message will make it explicitly clear that this has been issued on behalf of Milton Keynes University Hospital.

Will my mobile number be shared with anyone outside MKUH?

Your number will only be shared with our trusted patient portal supplier Zesty for the purposes of sending you the necessary feedback form. This process has been approved by the Trust board and is regulated under our Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs) – further details can be found here.

Will my feedback remain anonymous even after though I have provided my mobile number?

In order to ensure we are sending the right information to the correct patients, your MRN (Medical Records Number) will be used so that we can initially send you the feedback form. Once your feedback has been received by the Trust, we will remove your MRN from our data collection so that your comments can be kept anonymous.

What happens if I don’t respond?

There is no mandatory requirement to complete the feedback form. While we strongly encourage you to do so, it is entirely your choice.

If you do not wish to make any comments at the time of your appointment, you are able to provide feedback retrospectively. Further details about how to provide feedback can be found here.

Does my feedback make a difference?

Absolutely! We meticulously evaluate all of the patient feedback that we receive to understand the things that we are doing well and the areas where we could improve. Capturing feedback via mobile devices is just another way that we are making it easier for our patients, ensuring we hear as many voices as possible.