MKUH working with partners to provide extra support to patients leaving hospital

Date: 08/09/2023

The Trust is proud to be working alongside Milton Keynes City Council and local health partners to further improve the care and experience that our patients receive as they return home after a stay in hospital.

Two new services, which are currently in development, will be trialled to provide immediate care and support for individuals in their own homes as soon as they are medically fit to leave hospital.

A ‘live-in care’ service would provide short-term 24-hour home-based support for people suffering from delirium, to help patients resume their daily activities.

Secondly, a ‘bridging care’ service would enable more patients to recover in their own home following a hospital stay. The service will last for up to seven days during which time the patient will receive home care and be provided with any specialist equipment required.

As well as enabling people to return home from hospital faster, it is anticipated that these two new initiatives will also reduce the number of patients being readmitted to hospital, for instance following a fall or heath decline.

Dr Ian Reckless, Medical Director at MKUH, said: “Offering our patients the appropriate services after they leave the hospital is just as crucial as the treatment they receive while in our care. Through working closely with our partners across health and social care, including Milton Keynes City Council, we will be able to ensure that patients recover well in the own environments and reduce the unnecessary need of having to return to hospital for further treatment.

“As always, patient feedback will be critical to determine that we get things right. We will be actively encouraging our patients to share their feedback as the trial progresses.”

The trials for both services are expected to take place from 1st November 2023 to 31st March, 2024.