Milton Keynes University Hospital Restaurant Cookbook

Date: 19/07/2023

We are compiling a cookbook of recipes and stories from the patients and staff at Milton Keynes University Hospital.

Whether it’s a hearty old family recipe, a bowl full of the most decadent dessert, or simply a taste that catapults you back to a special moment in time, they want to know what foods make you feel good!

Lizzie Merrill, PhD student at York University is working with Arts for Health Milton Keynes and the Eaglestone Restaurant on the cookbook as part of her doctorate. She said, “Through this cookbook, we hope to encourage people across the hospital to think about how the foods we love, perhaps those from our childhood or cultural dishes, can nourish us emotionally.”

To have your recipe appear in our cookbook, and to be in with the chance of seeing your feel-good food prepared in the hospital restaurant, click here. The deadline for submissions is Friday 11 August 2023.