Expanding our MyCARE patient portal

Date: 17/07/2023

We will be expanding our MyCARE patient portal this month (July), enabling patients to have greater access to their health records.

Patients will be able to view some Pathology and Radiology reports, documents, and additional results, such as vital signs and measurements whilst able being able to complete clinical questionnaires electronically, prior to appointments. With patients able to complete questionnaires in advance, this will improve the time spent with the clinician, and therefore resulting in higher-quality appointments.

Where appropriate, clinicians will also be able to send patients a message directly through the portal. This may be to provide an update on test results or make them aware of new clinical correspondence available on the portal.

The new functionality is due to go live the w/c 24th July (date TBC) and will be automatically available to all adult users of the MyCARE portal. Once complete, the new homepage of the portal would look like the below:

This is another development for our MyCARE patient portal which will help to ensure that our patients are more involved in their care delivery.