Making a difference on Ward 14

Date: 21/04/2023

Volunteer, Saatvika Eluri, goes to Ward 14 once a week to help patients pass the time with creative activities. Saatvika (19) is currently taking a gap year before going to university to study medicine. She decided to volunteer at the hospital to offer our inpatients a little artistic diversion and works closely with our Meaningful Activities Coordinator, Helen Snaith.

“In my free time I love being creative whether that be making traditional Indian Jhumka jewellery or even doing a bit of cross stitch,” says Saatvika. “When I found out that there was a volunteering role where I could use these skills and even share them with others, I was really excited to do it.”

Saatvika pops in every Thursday afternoon. “After signing into the ward, I usually spend some time making an example of the activity that I have planned, such as decorating some butterfly cut-outs, so that patients can see what the final product could look like. Then I go round the ward, speaking to anyone who may be interested in the activity and invite them into the activity room where I talk them through the steps and then we have a really good time chatting and having fun. It may sound quite a simple thing to do, but it offers patients the chance to do something different and have a memento to take home when they are discharged.”

Helen Snaith adds: “It is so lovely to see Saatvika offering different creative activities to our patients and a real help to have an extra pair of hands.”