The Trust Communications team are responsible for all internal communications and engagement with staff as well as external communications to the public, patients, the media and other healthcare providers in Milton Keynes.

Our job is to:

  1. Closely manage the ‘brand’ of Milton Keynes University Hospital to create a positive and transparent public image for the hospital, publicising the great work that we do, but also being honest when things go wrong.
  2. Facilitate communications between the board and staff, and also between staff groups, to share important information, good news and best practice.
  3. Provide patients and public with the information they need, clearly and in line with corporate identity, to improve patient experience.

How do we do this?

  • Producing newsletters, including the CEO weekly message;
  • Organise regular staff forums, like the weekly Q&As via Teams;
  • Overseeing all content on public website and Trust intranet, making sure it’s up-to-date and accessible;
  • Manage social media, ensuring timely response to issues;
  • Manage brand, corporate identity, design and publication of corporate materials;
  • Managing all press/media enquiries;
  • Supporting all projects across the Trust, delivering comms that keep staff well informed, like eCARE;
  • Organising all corporate events, like Event in the Tent;
  • Managing staff award schemes, like the Annual Staff Awards and Long Service Awards;
  • Communications campaigns that support the hospital strategy and objectives, for example the Smoke Free campaign.

Contact us

The team can be reached by emailing [email protected].

Last Modified: 11:31am 19/12/2023

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