Last Modified: 5:38pm 12/01/2023

Tuberculosis (TB) Service

The TB Service team is made up of Dr Mansoor Raza,  Lead Consultant for TB – Adults and Dr Lazarus Anguvaa, Lead Consultant for TB-paediatrics, and is supported by other Respiratory Consultants at MKUH.

The nursing team is led by Imelda Ogatis with Heather Botchway, TB Specialist Nurse, and Jennifer Jimenez, TB Support Worker.

Angela Legate, Associate Chief Nurse for Infection Prevention and Control, provides direct management and support, alongside the Chief Nurse for Medicine Elizabeth Winter, and Matron Caroline Harrison.

Our nurses provide ongoing support through education (patients, families, and healthcare workers), are active participants in improving health through TB awareness, and can evidence admission avoidance by treating patients in their own homes.

Contact details

Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm

01908 996017 / 01908 997271 / 01908 996793
[email protected]

Useful links

NICE TB guidance
British Thoracic Society