Last Modified: 3:21pm 17/09/2020

Stop Smoking Service

The staff at Milton Keynes University Hospital are committed to helping you and your family get well and stay well. One of the best ways you can improve your heath is to quit smoking, to support you in this journey and to protect staff and visitors from the effects of secondhand smoke we have gone smoke free. This means smoking is not permitted anywhere on the ground of the hospital.

If you are a smoker, we can help you during your visit and beyond. We have a dedicated stop smoking clinic for face-to-face support at the Maple Unit of the hospital. If you want more flexibility, we can offer telephone support clinic. We also run a monthly stop smoking stand next to the hospital main reception, please feel free to drop by for a quick chat with one of our senior advisors.

Download our new Free mobile app “My Quit Route”, designed by a UK-based team of clinical, health and research psychologists to offer 24/7 support to anyone wanting to quit smoking. The app is free to download for anyone who works or lives in Bedford Borough, Central Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes.

“My Quit Route” is a fully personalised programme accessible 24/7 via an app on Android and iOS devices, most effective when used alongside specialist support from the stop smoking service.

The app helps you:

  • Self-assess your level of nicotine dependence
  • Get advice on the dangers of continuing to smoke
  • Receive tailored behaviour change support when you need it
  • Track your progress and expenditure
  • Plus, there are built in relaxation techniques to help you stay smoke free.

Just search “My Quit Route” and download the FREE new app.

If you decide you need more help to guide you through stopping smoking you can call the call the stop smoking service today on 0800 013 0553, we are waiting to offer dedicated one to one support with a friendly non-judgmental specialist advisor.

telephone appointments are available for anyone, and face to face appointments are available for smokers with additional needs. All appointments are available 5 days a week (including evenings).

You can also visit our website for more advice and support or call us today on 0800 013 0553.