Pressure Ulcer Prevention

Pressure Ulcers are localised areas of damage to skin or underlying tissue and can occur to areas of the body subject to pressure. Bony areas are at greater risk and these include head, shoulder, elbows, base of spine, bottom, knees, heels and toes.

Whilst nurses will assess you, we ask that patients assist by:

  • Changing position regularly to allow adequate circulation of blood to your pressure areas
  • Early mobilisation post operatively
  • Assist with effective skin care, g keeping skin clean and dry
  • Maintaining hydration and diet post operatively
  • Report any redness seen and discomfort felt to the nurse

Nursing staff may assess areas on your body which are prone to pressure damage. You will be encouraged to change your position frequently. If you are unable to move independently assistance is always available. For patients who are at risk, staff may also implement aids/equipment to prevent damage. i.e. Cushions, special mattress.

Last Modified: 10:10am 04/11/2020