Planning Ahead for Care and Treatment (PACT)

The PACT form was created response to an observation that some patients were perhaps being admitted to hospital when they or their family felt they would be better cared for at home. It felt like people perhaps came to hospital because they felt like they didn’t have any other choice. Sometimes the expectations from patients and loved ones really didn’t match what a hospital admission could achieve.

For most life limiting illnesses, and certainly as dying becomes closer, there are a series of possible events and series of  predictable events that may happen. What the PACT form is about is talking these scenarios through with patients who have capacity and documenting their wishes – ie planning ahead for care and treatment. The PACT form can also be used for patients without capacity– the conversation being had with those that know the patient best to try to ascertain what the patient would want if they could make decisions for themselves.

The form, once completed by the doctor, stays with the patient. The form is then easily accessible to be referred to by patients and their families but also by  other clinicians if needed.

We have created the videos below to help health and care teams, and patients and their families understand how to use the PACT form to make sure everyone is clear as to the plan for treatment.


PACT with capacity


PACT  without capacity –

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