Your Child’s Outpatient Appointment

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Before your child’s appointment

What can I expect from my child’s appointment?
Your child would have been referred by your GP or another consultant. Our aim is to understand the reason for your child’s referral and to offer examination, advice, reassurance and treatment as

Your appointment
Enclosed with this leaflet is a letter detailing the date and time of your child’s appointment. Please tell us now if you cannot keep this appointment, so that we can offer it to someone else and arrange another one for your child. The telephone numbers to contact the appointments bureau are on the letter, and at the end of this leaflet. In planning your visit, please allow at least 20 minutes to find parking, and 30 minutes for the appointment itself.

What happens if I cannot make my child’s appointment?
Please tell us immediately if you cannot keep your child’s appointment, so that we can offer it to someone else. If you do not attend without telling us in advance, your child may be discharged from the service. If your child’s symptoms have improved and you do not wish to attend please still.

Where do I need to go?
The details of the location of your outpatient appointment are in your appointment letter, including the nearest entrance in the hospital. Please report to reception staff on arrival. You will be directed to the waiting are for the clinic and asked to take a seat. We aim to keep delays to a minimum, so please try to arrive on time.

Who will I see at my appointment?
On arrival to the clinic, the nurse running the clinic will ask to check your child’s height/length and weight. Depending on the child’s age blood pressure and pulse will be taken. Your child will then be seen by the consultant or a member of their team.

Your Child’s Appointment

What will happen at my child’s appointment?
The initial appointment may last up to 30 minutes, and follow up appointments up to 15 minutes. A doctor will ask you and your child about their symptoms, and will then, if necessary and with both you and your child’s consent, examine your child. At the end of the examination, your child’s doctor will explain openly and honestly what they have found. You and your child will be able to ask any questions and will both be involved in decisions regarding your child’s care, and the need for any treatments. Treatment will be fully explained to you, including possible benefits and any risks.

What records will be kept of my child’s visit(s)?
Information given at your child’s appointment will be written in your child’s medical records. The doctor will include your GP, and/or the person who referred your child and the health visitor in any correspondence to update them as to any agreed treatment or future plans.

Please remember:
• Your child will be seen by a member of the paediatric team; this may be a nurse, consultant or registrar (senior doctor).
• You may have to wait to be seen as the doctor wants to be thorough with every patient.
• Both you and your child will be given time to discuss your worries and/or concerns.
• You will be both offered every opportunity to express your opinions about your child’s management / treatment plans
• You will both be given time to go through any questions that you may have
• If your child needs medication, this can be done either by a letter to your GP, hospital pharmacy or outside prescription.
• Further investigations may be done on the same day, for example a blood test, ECG or X-ray, or requested to be completed at a later date.

If you have any queries regarding your child’s appointment, please contact the Children’s Services Appointments Scheduler on 01908 826804.