Vision Advice for Children

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If you have any concern about your baby or pre-school child’s vision please discuss it with your Health Visitor. If appropriate, they will make a referral to the hospital Eye Department.

All children attending a state school in Milton Keynes have their vision checked by the School Nurse Team during their first year at school.

There are no further routine assessments of children’s vision in school after this, although visual problems may develop over time. It is therefore important that you arrange to have your child’s eyes tested once a year with a Community Optometrist.

Q Do I have to pay for the Optometrist eye test?
A. No. All children up to the age of 16 years (or 19 years if in full time education) are entitled to free eye tests.

Q Which Optometrist should we use?
A Any Optometrist in the Community (High Street). You need to contact them directly and you should check that they are happy to see children.

Q What should I do if I am concerned about my child’s vision?
A You need to take them to see an Optometrist and if they consider there to be any significant problems they may decide to refer them to the Eye Department in the hospital.

When to see the Doctor (GP)
If your child has any of the following they should be seen by your family doctor:
– Eye infection
– Eye injury (may need to go to A&E)
– Styes / cysts (lumps & bumps on their eyelids)