The Neonatal Community Team: Going Home

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Taking your baby home, whether after a few days or months on the NNU, can be a relief yet also cause anxiety and uncertainty.

When will my baby go home?

On the NNU you will have gradually learnt how to care for your baby and the staff will discuss with you when your baby is becoming well enough to be discharged home. There is a discharge criteria that the NNU staff use as a guideline, they will share this with you.

What do I need to know before I go home?

Getting ready to go home is part of helping you to feel more confident in taking this step.

The nursing staff will discuss and give advice on what your baby needs and how you can provide these needs, such as feeding, bathing, sleeping, medicines and when to seek advice.

Every baby is different, so we try to support you with what you and your baby needs.

For some babies this may include learning how to use medical equipment that is required at home, the staff will discuss this with you on an individual basis.

What support will I get once I am home?

On the NNU you will have received ongoing support and advice in the care of your baby, whereas at home you may feel more alone and apprehensive of making decisions concerning your baby.

The Health Visitor and GP are the main local support available to you, however some babies may benefit from the support of the Neonatal Community Team.

The Neonatal Community Team aim to provide appropriate support, to both you and your baby, by both visiting you at home and by providing advice and support via telephone.

The frequency of visits can range from daily to every two to three weeks. This is often done in conjunction with your Health Visitor.

What support do the Neonatal Community Team offer?

If our support is considered appropriate, we (neonatal community team or health visitor/midwife) will normally visit you at home within the first week of discharge.

We usually try to support you in the initial weeks you are home, longer if your baby has specific medical problems.

We discuss anything that concerns you and your baby, issues such as:
• Feeding
• Weight gain
• Sleeping- you and your baby!
• Medication
• Blood tests
• Hospital appointments
• How you are coping with the adjustment to having your baby home.

If specific advice or support is needed, we can liaise with specialists, such as the dietician, pharmacist or paediatrician.

We would only discuss your baby with your knowledge and consent.

Who are the Neonatal Community Nurses?
The Neonatal Community Team consists of three Neonatal Community Sisters. We are trained in the care of neonatal babies and work closely with NNU.

We work Monday to Friday 08.30-16.30 and are based in the Milton Mouse Unit. We visit families on NNU and in the community. To contact us, please call; 01908 996517 or ask a member of the nursing team to contact us on your behalf.

We will plan to meet you before you and your baby are discharged home.

How to contact the NNU Community Team once you have gone home

Our office number is;

01908 996517

We work Monday to Friday 08.30-16.30

If we are not there you can leave a message and we will get back to you.