Stand Magnifiers for Home Use

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The magnifier you have been loaned is capable of magnifying print up to …………times its original size.

You need to place the magnifier on what you want to read. When the material is against the base of the stand, it is automatically in focus.

You should be able to read…………size print, or larger, with this magnifier. You will need to use your distance/reading/bifocal/no glasses with the magnifier.

Directions for use
1. Place the stand magnifier on what you wish to read
2. Look through the centre of the magnifier
3. Hold your head at a comfortable distance from the magnifier. Remember that the closer you are to the magnifier, the wider your field of view. With small magnifiers you might have to hold them, and the print right up to your glasses or eye.
4. Move the magnifier across the page as you read, or hold your head and the magnifier still, and move the print you are reading.

Hints for the Best Use of your Aid
1. Use good lighting (an angle-poise lamp is best) the light should come from the side so it can shine on the material under the lens.
2. Place your finger at the left edge of the material to keep your place when reading.
3. Hold the material in a vertical position to avoid any strain caused by leaning over. A reading stand or clipboard may help you to keep the material steady.
4. Always keep the stand flat on the page you are reading.
5. Start by using your magnifier for a few minutes several times a day. As you become more proficient, increase the amount of time you use the magnifier on each occasion.

Care of your Aid
1. To clean your aid, use a damp, soft, lint free cloth (not tissues).
2. Do not immerse the magnifier in water.
3. Do not put the magnifier down so that lens touches a hard surface because this might scratch the lens.