SDAU (Same Day Admissions Unit) for surgery

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Welcome to Same Day Admissions Unit.

You are on an all-day operating list today.

This means that your Surgeon operates continuously between 9am and 5pm.

All patients are asked to come to SDAU in the Treatment Centre at 7.15am. This is so that the Surgeon / Anaesthetist can see all patients prior to the start of the list. All-day operating lists are in place to maximise the operating time available. The operating list is subject to changes if necessary and so you may find your operating time changes as the day unfolds. You will be able to have limited water if this has been agreed by your Anaesthetist this morning.

If you or your family have any concerns or questions please ask the Consultant when he/she comes to see you.

The nurses on SDAU will be in close contact with Theatres to keep track of progress and any changes.

For more details about SDAU, please see here.