Picolax – Dietary instructions for patients requiring a small bowel enema taking Picolax®

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Picolax is a medicine to clear out your bowel before your x-ray. It will make you have frequent bowel movements starting within 3 hours of the first dose.

You are advised to stay at home if possible or somewhere where you can have access to the toilet without embarrassment. As you may feel hungry you are also advised not to undertake any heavy or strenuous work.

While you are taking the Picolax it is important to drink a lot of fluid. This means drinking a glass of fluid (see below) every hour until your bowel movements stop. The medicine will not be effective if you are dehydrated.

The day before your x-ray
Drink plenty of fluid (see table) but no food other that that on the list below.

Breakfast (about 8.00am -9.00am)
One boiled or poached egg
One slice only of white bread
Honey or seedless jam or jelly marmalade
Cornflakes, skimmed milk, sugar

Lunch (about 12.00am – 1.30pm)
Clear soup, Bovril or marmite (There must be no vegetables, pasta or any other bits in the soup)
Grilled or poached fish or chicken
Cooked white rice
Plain yoghurt or clear jelly
2 hrs after lunch but before 4.00pm take the Picolax – Dissolve the contents of the sachet in 3-4 tablespoons of cold water in a glass. The solution will become hot. Wait for about 5 mins. Then dilute with cold water to make half a glassful. Stir the mixture and drink.

After taking the Picolax try to drink at least one glassful of water every hour.

Supper (about 7.00pm – 9.00pm)
Clear soup or meat extract (such as Bovril or Marmite) only
On the day of the examination
You must not eat or drink anything for 6 hrs before the examination
If you have an appointment in the afternoon you may have a light breakfast of tea/coffee with skimmed milk and sugar (if desired) and one slice of lightly buttered white bread or toast. This breakfast must be completed at least 6 hours before the appointment time.

Suitable fluids to drink:

Still water
Clear fruit juice diluted (apple or grape)
Squash diluted
Tea or coffee black or with skimmed milk and sugar or sweetener if required.

Do not drink:

Fizzy drinks
Fruit juice with shreds of fruit in them (orange, grapefruit)
Full-cream or semi-skimmed milk
Non-clear soups

After the examination you will be able to eat and drink normally.