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More about your treatment

You have been told by your doctor that you need further treatment to find out more about your condition. Please take a few minutes to read through this information sheet which answers the most usual questions patients ask.


Deafness may be due to disease of the outer, middle or inner ear. In your case the cause is in the middle ear where the chain of three bones, conducting the sound waves from the ear drum to the inner ear, are located. Your disease is called otosclerosis, which means that the third bone in the chain (the stapes) is firmly fixed by abnormal bone formation and cannot move. In time the disease will often cause damage to the inner ear.

After effects

Most patients experience dizziness for a short period (3-7 days) after the operation. The majority of patients discover an immediate improvement in hearing once the dressing is removed from the ear (2-3 weeks) after the operation. If a small nerve (corda lympania) has to be cut to gain access, taste over this side will be lost. A small minority of patients experience further complications. These are:

  • Reduced hearing
  • Troublesome tinnitus (noises in the ear)
  • Dizziness
  • ‘Dead’ ear may result
  • An abnormally located facial nerve can be damaged (resulting in the paralysis of muscles of the face).

Try not to cough, sneeze, blow your nose, stoop, lift or strain as this could raise the pressure in your ear and cause it to leak in the first two weeks after this operation. Do not fly for six weeks after this operation.

Follow Up

  • The sutures are removed 4 days after your operation by your GP.
  • The dressings are removed 2 – 3 weeks following your operation. Some dressings may dissolve with the use of ear drops.

Length of Stay

Most patients will go home the same day – however, some patients may require an overnight stay Please wash your hair prior to the operation.

For queries please contact: Ambulatory Care (01908) 995 470