Oral Maxillo Facial Surgery (Post operative wound care after Facial Surgery)

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Keep the dressing dry at all times.

• Remove the pressure dressing after 24 hours.
• Use extra pillows when sleeping as this will help reduce swelling and bruising.
• After the dressing has been removed you may shower but do not soak the wound in water.
• Apply Chloramphenicol eye ointment on the stitches twice daily.
• Please rest and avoid exertion for 48 hours.
• Pain killers may be taken if required (Aspirin should be avoided unless you already take this medication regularly).
• Avoid hot drinks and have light meals for 24 hours.
• If any fresh blood appears through the dressing please contact Oral & Facial Surgery on 01908 995308
• After clinic hours contact the Accident and Emergency Department on 01582 491166 and ask for the Maxillo Facial Senior House Officer on call (bleep 777)