Local Anaesthetic/No Sedation Starving Instructions for Adult Patients

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You are going to have a procedure which requires you to have a Local Anaesthetic – No sedation. It is important you follow the instructions in this leaflet. The Treatment Centre aim to admit, treat and discharge patients within one working day.

Feeding Instructions:
You may eat and drink normally. If you are asked to attend the hospital at 11.45 you can eat and drink normally throughout the day.

Medication Information:
If you take Warfarin your Clinician should have informed you if there were any special instructions to do with taking your Warfarin prior to your procedure. Please take your medication as normal with your breakfast (including any diabetic medication) and please bring any medication with you. If you have any questions please contact: 01908 243204 (the Day Surgery Unit).

What do I bring with me?
• All home, work and mobile telephone numbers for the person that you state as your next of kin.
• For your comfort, you may like to bring a dressing gown with you, to wear over your theatre gown.
• For health and safety reasons you should have a pair of flat supportive shoes. Slippers should also be fully enclosed. (Not open backed mules).
• Please arrive at the stated time on your admissions letter.
• Adult patients as a day case for the Day Surgery Unit will be booked in at Reception, and your family, carer or friends will be asked to return at a later time of the day to collect you.
• Do not bring any valuables with you (credit cards, pension books, mobile phones, jewellery, money)
• You will be informed by the nursing team of an approximate time that you will go for your procedure. This may mean you are waiting a while, so bring something to read.

Infection Control:
We are committed to keeping our wards infection free. Therefore, we ask you and your visitors to use the Alcohol Gel that is provided, on entering and leaving the ward. This will assist in reducing hospital infections.

General Information to remember:
• If you are under 16 years of age, you must be accompanied by an adult.
• We recommend you arrange for a responsible adult to accompany you home by car or taxi after your procedure.
• When you are ready to go home, the Nursing staff will give you a copy of your discharge summary. A copy of this will also be sent to your GP.
• We will arrange for any follow – up appointments/treatments that are necessary.

Medical students who are training to be doctors are part of the hospital team. With your permission and under supervision at all times they may obtain a history and/or examine you.
• There is a drop-off zone outside the Treatment Centre which you are welcome to use. If you are intending to stay longer, then you will need to park in a public parking area. The nearest public
parking can be found on the ground floor of the Multi-storey Car Park (see site map). The hospital does operate a ‘Pay and Display’ system.
• Amenity rooms are available in the Treatment Centre. Please phone 01908 243758 between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday for information.
• If you find you are no longer able to accept this appointment for any reason, please contact the Admissions Office.

Useful telephone Numbers:
01908 826800 – General Surgery, Breast, Urology Hub
01908 826803 – Gynae Hub
01908 826801 – Trauma & Orthopaedic Hub
01908 826806 – Head &Neck, oral surgery, ophthalmology, Ear Nose & Throat Hub