Insulin Management for Long Distance Travel

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When you travel to other continents, there will be a time difference which will make the travelling day longer or shorter.

Instructions for patients on multiple daily injections:

  1. Give your basal insulin at the usual time before departure.
  2. Whilst travelling ensure blood glucose levels are checked regularly and give Novorapid with meals according to blood glucose level and carbohydrate intake.
  3. When you arrive in the new time zone, give your basal insulin at the normal time in the new time zone, e.g. if you usually give it at 8pm, continue to give it at the new 8pm (which may be 12 hours or more different from the UK).


It is important not to give basal insulin too close together; most will need to be given 18 hour support. Please check with your team regarding basal insulin. Delay next dose to the usual time, and cover the gap with additional Novorapid doses as advised by the Expert meter.