Instructions for patients collecting urine samples for Oxalate

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This test is best performed as ONE 24hr urine collection.

You should tell your doctor about any drugs (if any) you are currently taking.


How to collect a 24hr urine sample for Oxalate
1. Empty your bladder into the toilet as normal in the morning. Write this time on the sample bottle as ‘Start Time’
2. From then on collect ALL the urine you pass during the following 24 hours into the measuring jug provided and transfer it into the bottle(s). Ensure you replace the cap securely!
3. The next morning attempt to empty your bladder at the same time you started yesterday. Collect this urine in the measuring jug as you have been doing, and add it to the bottle(s). Write the time under ‘Finish Time’ on the bottle. The bottle(s) should now contain a complete 24hr collection.
4. Ensure that:
The bottle is labelled with your full name, date of birth and home address.
The date and time the collection was started and finished are entered.
The bottle cap is secured tightly!
5. The bottle and measuring jug must be delivered to The Pathology Department, Milton Keynes University Hospital. You can bring it yourself, or give it to your GP’s Health Centre or Surgery. Please take care and avoid skin contamination from the bottle – the acid may burn you.

If you spill the acid on your skin, wash the area immediately with large amounts of water and contact the laboratory for further advice. If these instructions are not clear or you have any problems with the urine collection, please contact:

Pathology, Milton Keynes University NHS Foundation Trust (01908) 995768.

Please take care and keep the container away from children as it contains very strong acid.