Information For Hand-Magnifier Users

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Information For Hand-Magnifier users
You have been loaned a magnifier capable of magnifying print up to ……….. times it original size. This should allow you to read…………..size print or larger. You will need to use your distance /reading/bifocal/no glasses with the magnifier. Use good lighting (an angular poise lamp is best) directed on the reading material but placed below the magnifier. Create the best setting for using the magnifier. Sit in a comfortable position. Make sure the magnifier is focused correctly and that you are the correct distance from the page or material you are looking at. Start to use the magnifier by practising with it for a few minutes several times a day. When you feel more comfortable using the magnifier, increase the amount of time each reading session. If you are very tired or feeling discouraged, take the day off and try again the next day.

You may cover one of your eyes with a patch if this allows you to read more comfortably. Patching will allow you to concentrate on what you are seeing with your good eye. You will not damage your sight by covering your eye. Some people may experience tearing, blurring or slight headache while practising with the magnifier. If you do, just stop using the magnifier, sit back and relax for a short time while your eyes and head clear. Then continue to practice. These symptoms are occurring because you are exerting your eyes in a new way. You cannot damage your vision by using a magnifier.

Care of your Aid
To clean your aid, use a soft, damp lint-free cloth (not tissues)