Incision and Curettage

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You will have been informed by the surgeon that your child requires Incision and Curettage for Chalazion. This leaflet has been compiled to give you information about how to care for your
child following the procedure.

What is a Chalazion?
A Chalazion is a swelling of the sebaceous glands known as a cyst. This can be fluid filled or semi solid. It is caused by a blockage of the Meilbomian or oil gland. It usually occurs on the upper and or lower eyelids.

These are normally painless and non-infective. If an infection is present it may appear red, swollen and be painful. Depending on the size and position they can cause blurred or blocked vision.

Incision and Cuttage is the method of treatment for Chalazion, if other treatment has previously been unsuccessful. This operation is usually carried out under a general anaesthetic. An adult may opt for a local anaesthetic. Your child will attend the Paediatric Day Surgery Ward and be prepared for theatre. Your child will need to be nil by mouth prior to the surgery; please refer to your appointment letter to see timings. During the procedure the eyelid is numbed, and a small cut is made on the underside of the eyelid with a surgical blade to release the cyst. The cyst and cavity are drained and cleaned thoroughly. Stiches will not be required and there will be no scar visible.

Length of stay
Your child will usually be allowed home the same day as the operation (day case) unless other procedures have been performed. As a minimum your child will remain on the ward for 2 hours after the procedure.

Follow up is not usually required. Antibiotic drops or ointment will be prescribed for your child. These will be given to you on discharge. Your nurse will explain how to administer these and inform you the length of treatment required. Your child may also require analgesia for a few days after surgery. Your child may return from theatre with an eye patch this is to help keep the area

It is advised that your child does not:
• Wear contact lenses for 1 week post-surgery.
• Avoids swimming of 1 week post-surgery.

Your child may return to school the following day.

Risks and Complications
Complications are uncommon but include:

Swelling and bruising to the area, this is to be expected and will settle within 2 weeks.
There is a low risk of infection; to reduce this antibiotic treatment is commenced.
Some people are prone to developing Chalazion so it may reoccur.

Any Further Questions
Please contact Paediatric day Surgery/ Ward 4 01908 996371, 1908 006378

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