How to Take Moviprep

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These instructions may differ slightly from the manufacturer’s information leaflet, however, please follow this schedule if your bowel investigation is being performed in the Endoscopy Unit.

Please read this leaflet carefully before you start using this medicine.

This medicine is for you and must not be passed on to anyone else.

How to store Moviprep
• Keep out of sight and reach of children
• Store in the original package and at room temperature (not above 25˚C)
• Do not take the medicine after the expiry date on the packet

Return any old and unused medicines to the pharmacist.

What to expect when you take Moviprep
You can expect to have frequent loose bowel motions within 3 hours of taking the first dose of Moviprep. It will be similar to having diarrhoea and you need to ensure that you have access to a toilet that is close by at all times to avoid embarrassment. As you may feel hungry you are also advised to avoid heavy or strenuous work. It is important to drink at least an additional 500mls of clear fluid for each litre of Moviprep to avoid becoming dehydrated. If you are thirsty in between doses of Moviprep you can have clear fluids preferably water but also permitted are soft drinks (not fizzy) or black coffee or tea (without milk). You may add sugar if you like. Try to keep warm, you often feel cold when you develop loose/watery bowel motions.

The success of the colonoscopy depends upon the bowel being as clear as possible. This means taking both sets of sachets A & B of Moviprep, until your motions are a clear liquid with NO
SOLID BITS in. The Moviprep will not be effective if you are dehydrated. It is helpful to use a barrier cream around your bottom: Sudocream or Zinc & Caster Oil cream are excellent. You may also want to wear a small pad to protect your underwear. If you have a stoma, contact your Stoma Care Nurse for advice. You may need drainable appliances to manage the diarrhoea.

Expected Side Effects
• You will experience diarrhoea as the purpose of Moviprep is to clear and cleanse the bowel
• You are also likely to experience some abdominal cramping
• Some patients may experience nausea and/or vomiting – if this is a problem, wait for ½ hour and then recommence taking Moviprep. Chilled Moviprep, drinking it through a straw and/or sucking a sweet may help resolve some side effects
• It is important that you continue to drink adequate amounts of fluid to avoid dehydration

Very Common
• Abdominal pain, a feeling of fullness in your stomach, bloating, tiredness, soreness/ pain of the anus (bottom), thirst and nausea.

• Hunger, headache, problems sleeping, dizziness, vomiting, indigestion, and chills.

Adverse reactions
• Rarely, people can be allergic to Moviprep and may get an itchy rash (nettle rash or hives).
• If any of the side effects become serious, or you notice any side- effects not listed above, you must seek advice from:
 Endoscopy Department Tel: 01908 996460 (Monday- Friday; 8am- 6pm)
 NHS 111 Tel: 111
 Your GP

Do not hesitate to contact either the Endoscopy Department or your GP if you experience any severe side effects or if you are at all worried

Stop taking Iron tablets.

If the doctor or nurse has advised you to stop taking your Warfarin, you need to have your blood checked at your GP surgery on the day before your procedure.

Stop taking any constipating agents i.e. Lomotil, codeine phosphate etc. which you may be prescribed, but continue with all other medication and any laxatives until your appointment.

Eat only low in fibre foods from the ‘Allowed Foods list only’ as detailed below.

7-8 am Breakfast – See allowed food list below but avoid vegetables, fruits, porridge and cereals with high fibres, nuts, and small seeds. No further solid foods until after the procedure – clear fluids only. You can make up the Moviprep solution now and refrigerate to make it easier to drink.

• Empty into a jug the contents of one sachet A and one sachet B of Moviprep into a jug.
• Add water (not chilled) to make up 1 litre.
• Stir until the powder is completely dissolved and the solution is clear
• You may add a cordial flavour such as lime but not blackcurrant, as this darkens the colon. Remember that drinks MUST be clear

1 pm – Start drinking the Moviprep preparation.  One glassful (250mls/ ½ pint) of about every 15-30 minutes until you have drunk it all. You may use a straw to help with the taste. It is important to drink at least an additional 500ml of water (2 glasses) or clear fluids with each litre of Moviprep taken.

6 pm – Start Make up and take the next 2 sachets (A+B) in the same way. Keep drinking at least an additional 500ml of water (2 glasses) or clear fluids with each litre of Moviprep taken.

Take no solid food. You can continue drinking clear fluids up to 2 hours before your appointment time from the ‘fluids allowed list’ below. If you take blood pressure tablets, please take these on the morning of your procedure with a small amount of water. Remain NIL by mouth for 2 hours before your appointment time.

Remain NIL by mouth for 2 hours before your appointment time.