High Power Spectacles for Home Use

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1. These glasses have a very strong magnifying lens in them.
2. The Spectacles makes objects appear……….times larger.
3. The spectacle lens to page working distance is……….
4. You should be able to read……..size print or larger with these glasses.
5. These glasses are for your………eye only. Some people find it helpful to wear a patch over the other eye.

Directions for use
1. Put the book or reading material close to your face (almost touching your nose).
2. Slowly move what you are reading away from your face until the words are clearly focused. This should be about………away.
3. Move what you are reading – or your head – not your eyes, as you read.
4. Always try and look through the centre of the lens.
5. Do not stand or walk around with the glasses on.

Hints for the Best Use of your Aid
1. Use good lighting (an angle-poise lamp is best) and have the light shine directly on the material.
2. A typoscope, line guide, or your finger can help you locate the words you are reading and help you to keep your place.
3. Hold what you are reading in a vertical position to avoid any strain caused by leaning over. A reading stand or clipboard may help you keep material upright.
4. Start by using your aid for five to ten minute sessions several times a day. As you become more proficient, increase the amount of time at one sitting.

Care of your Aid
1. To clean your glasses, use a damp, soft, lint free cloth (not tissues).
2. Do not put the glasses down so that lenses touch a hard surface because this might scratch them.
3. Do not try to adjust the frames.