Discharge advice following attendance with a hand (5th metacarpal) fracture

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• You have a minor break near the knuckle and it will usually settle in three weeks.
• It may take six weeks or longer before your hand returns to normal.
• The finger strapping may help the pain and allow early movement.
• Because the break can be close to the joint you must move your hand as soon as possible even if this means overcoming the discomfort.
• After one week remove the strapping.
• Use your hand as normally as possible. This will not cause further damage but heavy lifting may be sore for 6 to 8 weeks.
• Hand grip is generally very good after this type of injury.
• As the bone heals a lump will form at the break site and the knuckle will not be as prominent.
• There will be some shortening expected as a consequence of the injury.

If the pain gets worse or lasts more than 3 weeks or you are concerned about your hand contact the Virtual Fracture Clinic on: 01908 995205 (08:30 until 15:30, Monday to Friday).

If it’s out of these hours and you think that it’s urgent contact the Emergency Department on 01908 660033.