Cleaning and Storing the Single Patient Use Pump Kits

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How to wash single use breastmilk collection set

1. Wash your hands
2. Only items that come in contact with breastmilk will need washing
3. These items do not need washing
4. Rise items in cold water to remove the breastmilk protein
5. Fill a cardboard washing bowl with warm water and add a small squeeze of detergent
6. Thoroughly wash each piece
7. Leave to drain on a piece of hand towel
8. Empty the cardboard washing bowl, line with fresh hand towels and place the clean items in the bowl
9. When you have returned to your bedside lay out the clean items to dry on a clean hand towel
10. Store your dry items in the zip lock bag provided (if you need a new bag just ask your midwife / nurse)

You will keep this one kit for the time you are with us. If you require another bottle or bag, just ask your midwife / nurse.

If using non-sterile pack, wash before 1st use.