Cataract surgery For Patients who have had previous refractive Corneal Surgery

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You have decided to have cataract surgery.

However, as you have had previous refractive corneal surgery you need to be aware of the following points:

• Measurements are taken to select an implant of the correct power for each individual. One of the things we measure is the power of the cornea. Patients who have had previous refractive surgery have had the power of their cornea altered. This means it is more difficult to calculate the implant power. If the calculation is not correct, further surgery may be needed. The implant may need to be removed and replaced or a second lens may have to be implanted in front of the first implant (this is called a piggy back lens).

• Night glare and visual disturbances which resulted from the previous refractive surgery will not improve after cataract surgery.

• Healing of the cataract surgery wound may be affected by the previous refractive surgery. The final result may therefore not be as expected.

• Refractive surgery can lead to weakness of the cornea in certain cases which will also affect the results of the cataract surgery.