Last Modified: 10:43am 04/07/2023

Ricky Yung

As the National Health Service (NHS) celebrates its 75th birthday on Wednesday 5 July 2023, hospitals across the country are taking time to reflect on the incredible work of their staff. In commemoration of this milestone, we have spoken to members of #TeamMKUH to learn about their experience within the NHS and where they see the future of healthcare.

Find out more about Ricky Yung, Domestic Assistant, below!


When did you start in the NHS?

I joined in 2001 after moving to Milton Keynes from Hong Kong following my retirement as a sergeant in the British Army.

Why did you choose to work in the NHS?

A former Army colleague of mine had moved here and recommended it as a place to work, so I applied! I am now retired but I love the place so much I work two days a week on the hospital Bank.

Describe what you do

I am a member of the hospital’s large domestic team which is responsible for ensuring that the hospital’s very high standards of cleanliness are maintained at all times. I use a ride-on cleaning machine to ensure that all public areas are kept spotlessly clean. As I spend a lot of my working day cleaning the hospital corridors, it means I am also able to help when any visitors are lost and need directions to help them get to wards and departments. I have no idea how many miles I travel around the site in a day, but it is certainly a lot!

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I enjoy meeting people and I meet so many of them every day, from other staff to patients, visitors, and volunteers. It is a very friendly place to work.

What would you say to someone thinking about a career in the NHS?

I would say that it is worth investigating all the possible career options because there are so many routes to choose. I really enjoy working in the NHS.

How would you describe the NHS in one word?