Volunteer’s Week – Our Volunteer Stories

Date: 07/06/2024

As part of our celebration of Volunteer’s Week, we have asked some of our volunteers to share their experiences and why they are so passionate about helping patients and staff at our hospital.


What’s your name? Tichafa Shara

What is your role? Pastoral Volunteer in Chaplaincy team

What do you love most about volunteering? It provides me with a sense of satisfaction and joy that comes with serving humanity and making a positive change in their lives.  My role allows me to meet different people, patients with diverse health needs, supporting them to appreciate each day as it comes. I meet their families who desperately need support to keep on supporting their sick relatives. I get to interact with healthcare staff/caregivers, who also need emotional and spiritual support in the execution of their professional roles.

Do you have a special volunteering memory/experience you’d like to share?

My most memorable experience was when I visited a patient in a side room, a student who did not have any form of support except from a university friend. His family is in India. They are usually by themselves without other patients to at least chat with. As we chatted, I could witness how the therapeutic chat was impacting his hospital experience. He could not hide his happiness over being visited by someone who was not a member of the medical staff.

I can also talk about another patient who was from Romania without any family to support or at least visit him in the hospital. He said he was amazed at how we managed to do such benevolent acts and overcome by our tender heartedness he promised to go and do the same when he got back to Romania.

In what ways do you feel your volunteer efforts have made a positive difference in your community or the lives of others?

My volunteering experience has made quite a significant impact in both my placement ward and the outside community that I interact with. My efforts have helped patients face their life experiences with positivity and feel comforted that they have a listening ear to talk to. I spend my Tuesdays happy that, at least, I have put a smile on the faces of one or two individuals. The medical team is always happy to see me come in to fill that void in-between visits by different medical professionals. All I can offer is pastoral care and support to those in dire need.


What’s your name? Humarah Riaz

What is your role? Children’s Story Time Volunteer

How long have you been volunteering at MKUH? Since January 2024

What do you love most about volunteering?

As a children’s story time volunteer, what I love the most about volunteering is being able to create moments of magic and wonder for young patients. The opportunity to transport children to different worlds through storytelling, to see their eyes light up with imagination and excitement, and to provide a brief escape from the challenges they face within the hospital. I significantly enjoy the connections I form with the children, the smiles and laughter I inspire, and the sense of warmth and comfort I encourage to bring to the paediatric ward. And overall, what I cherish the most is the profound impact I have on the lives of these young patients, having the opportunity to bring moments of joy and hope during their time within the paediatric ward.

Do you have a special volunteering memory/experience you’d like to share?

During my time volunteering at the hospital so far I have come across many heart warming experience, but one that particularly stuck with me was during my regular afternoon shift. Where I watched a little girl blossom through stories and activities.

Initially she didn’t seem to like the hospital environment. But despite this, i persisted in engaging her with captivating tales and fun activities within the play room, and over time, I began to notice not only had she began to open up, she began to become more outgoing and interactive with me and the myriad of professionals that visited her during her time within the hospital. It was a beautiful transformation, both me and her Mother witnessing her demeanour shift as she began to enjoy her time here. And it was truly touching to hear the little girl refer to me as her new best friend. The bond we formed through storytelling and activities with the paediatric ward not only brightened the girls hospital experience, but also bought a sense of joy and companionship within both of us. I do believe this memory showcases the impact a positive interaction and companionship can have in brightening a child’s hospital experience and was a touching reminder of how the power of fostering a sense of comfort and joy can have a massive impact on every individual especially during a difficult time.

How do you balance your volunteer commitments with your other responsibilities?

As a student in full time education, currently doing my A-levels, whilst also volunteering at a hospice during my weekends, as well as being able to balance my weekly extracurricular activities, It can be challenging at times to ensure I have enough time to do everything I love. But with planning and organisation it is manageable, and I do believe it is extremely rewarding to set a few hours a week to help others around me. By ensuring I have a schedule and the ability to prioritise my tasks I can ensure I don’t plan other responsibilities during my volunteering hours, as well as, ensuring I am available every week to do my part to help the community and put smiles on the faces of little ones. And I do hope this will inspire others around me to do the same and create an awareness that regardless of your responsibilities, it is possible to set time aside to help others and create a lasting impact, which can be extremely rewarding.


What’s your name? Tricia Humphries

What is your role? Main Entrance Reception for 22 years

How long have you been volunteering at MKUH? Since 2002 – 22 years, how time flies when you are enjoying yourself!!

What do you love most about volunteering?

Throughout my life I have worked in caring professions and love the camaraderie that goes with it.  I am interested in people from all walks of life and nationalities, and it gives me a lot of pleasure if I can help them.  I am also a calm person so don’t get flustered easily.

What one piece of advice would you give to others thinking about volunteering at the hospital?

Volunteering helps you, when you retire, to keep your brain active as you have a multitude of different situations to deal with.  We now also have to use the computer for certain tasks, so you are constantly learning.  There is also Mandatory Training which keeps you on your toes.

If you could summarise the essence of volunteering in 3 words, what would they be?

Teamwork, self-worth, community