Statement in response to media coverage on staff parking

Date: 03/05/2019

Following coverage on BBC Three Counties radio in relation to a member of staff and a parking dispute at Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, we would like to provide the following information for clarity.

Hospital employees are required to display a staff permit when parking on the hospital site in designated staff car parks. There are no exceptions to this. Parking enforcement (undertaken by UKPC) is in place to ensure that both staff and public car parks are used appropriately – this includes ensuring that our employees park in designated staff car parks so that there is adequate parking available on the hospital site for patients and visitors.

The member of staff in this case was found to have parked in a staff car park without displaying a permit on five separate occasions between 2017 and 2018.

The first two of these penalty notices were appealed by the member of staff and UKPC subsequently reduced the penalty fee to £15.

The hospital intervened in a penalty notice issued in 2018, which was rescinded as a goodwill gesture.

The member of staff has chosen not to settle any of the four outstanding penalty notices with UKPC and has indicated that she will pursue the matter (with UKPC) through the court.

The Trust works with UKPC to rescind or reduce penalty notices where there is evidence to support such action – an approach that has been taken in this case.

This matter is now one between the member of staff and UKPC. As an employer, we will continue to support this member of staff and are happy to provide her with any further information she may require.

In the summer, the Trust’s contract with UKPC comes to an end and we are introducing a new parking management system with a new parking contractor which uses automatic number plate recognition and will make it easier for staff and visitors alike to park across the site. Members of staff will continue to be required to display a staff parking permit when parking in designated staff car parks.