NHS Blood and Transport ‘Amber Alert’

Date: 13/10/2022

Yesterday (12th October) NHS Blood and Transplant has triggered an “amber alert” meaning hospitals have been asked to put in place management plans to protect blood stocks. The reduction in blood supplies has been an ongoing challenge in the aftermath of the pandemic and has been recently fuelled by staff shortages and a lack of donations.

The announcement of the amber alert will see the Trust introduce several measures as part of our Emergency Blood Management arrangements to ensure that we manage the supplies of blood effectively across the NHS.

Currently there are no changes to services at MKUH and we will notify any patients who may be impacted by this announcement.

NHS Blood and Transplant is working closely with the Department of Health and Social Care, NHS England, the other UK blood services and hospitals to manage the current stock shortage. You can help by donating at your local centre. You can book an appointment by calling 0300 123 23 23, downloading the NHS Give Blood app, or visiting the website blood.co.uk.

If you are fit and healthy, you are encouraged to make an appointment to donate as soon as possible. If you need to cancel, please give at least three days’ notice so the place can be offered to another donor. It only takes an hour to donate and will help to save or improve up to three lives.