NAW – An interview with Lee Pockett

Date: 11/02/2022

Can you introduce yourself and tell me a little bit about your job role?  

My name is Lee and I am a third-year nursing apprenticeship student based in the Emergency Department in Milton Keynes University Hospital.

My role job role is currently a mixture between a qualified Nursing Associate, alongside a Nursing apprenticeship student part time – which I study remotely.




What led you to apply for an apprenticeship programme at MKUH?

At the age of 30, I had decided to take a change in my career direction, with the end goal of becoming a qualified nurse.

I began as a healthcare assistant working in theatres, from there I completed an evening access course to help achieve the grades/qualifications I would need to begin my university journey.

The Nurse Associate programme had just launched, and I was lucky enough to gain a place on the initial cohort.  For the next 2 years I worked and studied in parallel, which whilst juggling a young family worked very well.  The end goal has always been to complete my nurse training, upon completion of my Nurse Associate training I had looked for a route to achieve this.

When the Nursing apprenticeship was developed and rolled out this was my route into achieving my end goal.  I am now one year away from completing my BSC Nursing apprenticeship Degree.

How are you finding your studies?

I am really enjoying my time studying. The programme allows me time to cover both the theory and practical sides of nursing.

Being an apprentice, I am allocated the time to complete my academic work, which whilst juggling family life is invaluable.

Would you recommend this programme to others? 

I would 100% recommend the programme to anyone who is looking to begin their career in healthcare.

What are your Career plans after you finish your apprenticeship?

I have many career aspirations over the next ten – fifteen years. Once I have completed my training, I want to gain a role as a qualified nurse within the Emergency Department. Further down the line, I plan to complete my masters degree and specialise in palliative care.