‘My Thank You’ launched by MK Hospital Charity empowers public to thank hospital staff

Date: 27/06/2024

Patients and visitors at Milton Keynes University Hospital can now send personal messages of gratitude to members of staff who have made their day, thanks to a new initiative launched by Milton Keynes Hospital Charity.

My Thank You is a way for the community to express their appreciation for dedicated NHS staff and offers the option to make a charitable donation to further support the charity’s mission: enhancing the care and experience of patients, their families and staff at the hospital.

With just a few clicks on PC or taps on mobile, hospital visitors can send heartfelt messages to any staff member, specific team/department, or volunteer. Whether it’s a simple ‘thank you’ or a more personalised message, people can easily brighten the day of those who work tirelessly to serve the community’s healthcare needs.

Vanessa Holmes, Associate Director of Milton Keynes Hospital Charity said, “We recognise the profound effect of receiving appreciation. A few words of thanks really do have the power to lift spirits and boost morale for both frontline workers and those behind the scenes.

She continued, “We’re thrilled to introduce ‘My Thank You’, giving people the opportunity to share special words with individuals, teams, or our wonderful volunteers. Staff members can keep these messages to look back on whenever they like, or even add to staff noticeboards.”

“As the hospital’s charity, we support all wards and departments through charitable donations. While it’s optional, people can make monetary contributions using ‘My Thank You’ to further amplify the impact of their appreciation and help us fund special, over and above items for patients, families or MKUH staff.”

To find out more about My Thank You, please visit https://www.mkhcharity.org.uk/my-thank-you/

Chief Executive Joe Harrison with members of the MK Hospital Charity team