MKUH launches NHS login integration with MyCARE patient app

Date: 08/09/2022

Milton Keynes University Hospital is now offering patients the simplicity and reassurance of using their single, secure NHS login to access their MyCARE patient portal.

The MyCARE digital patient portal is provided by Induction Zesty – regarded as a gold standard for both patients and healthcare providers thanks to its ease of use and full integration with Electronic Patient Records (EPR).

Previously users of MyCARE, of which there are already over 125,000, would have to set up separate login credentials to access the portal after being sent a text invitation when their hospital appointment was made. Enabling patients access with the same NHS login that they already use for their GP and other NHS services will make the portal even more accessible.

The move, which sees the hospital become one of the first in the country to offer this option on the portal, will support the organisation’s success in unlocking the cost-savings and efficiency that comes with converting patients to digital access.

Professor Joe Harrison, Chief Executive of Milton Keynes University Hospital, commented:

“MyCARE has really helped patients to manage their own healthcare. By empowering them to see and change their appointments on the portal, we have seen our Did Not Attend (DNA) rate drop by 50% compared to appointments for patients not using the portal.  This, coupled with the ability to send users their hospital correspondence electronically, has really helped to improve the experience of our patients whilst also enabling the hospital to save money that can be reinvested into patient care.

“The portal is already easy to use and by allowing patients to use their single, secure NHS login the process is now even more streamlined and we’re confident it will encourage more of them to sign up and use MyCARE.”

The Induction Zesty patient portal – designed for interoperability and integration with existing EPR systems with strategic partners such as Cerner – allows patients to manage their appointments, view their letters and clinical records, and provide data remotely via digital questionnaires.  Following the Milton Keynes University Hospital implementation, Induction Zesty will be rolling out NHS login integration with all customers over the coming weeks.

Andreas Norgren, Director of Product at Induction Healthcare, comments on the significance of this development:

“We’re excited to support the NHS in its digital transformation. NHS login is a landmark moment – it’s a huge step forward technically that doesn’t just build patient trust and engagement but paves the way for future innovation via SSO.”