MK Together collaborates with Age UK to enhance patient discharge

Date: 15/03/2024

As a way of improving the patient discharge experience and bolstering support for vulnerable adults, MK Together is working in partnership with Age UK MK to introduce a comprehensive service tailored to meet the diverse needs of patients transitioning from hospital to home.

Recognising the critical importance of seamless transitions and ongoing care, this partnership has launched a new initiative designed to expedite patient discharges, reduce readmissions, and provide essential support for individuals in need. This innovative service not only facilitates quicker returns home but also ensures that patients receive the necessary medication and equipment directly at their doorstep.

Key features of the service include:

  • Transportation of medication and equipment to patients’ homes.
  • Provision of practical support such as shopping for essentials, light housework, meal preparation, and assistance with medical appointments.
  • Non-medical interventions focused on offering companionship, welfare checks, and assistance with paperwork.

Dr Ian Reckless, Chief Medical Officer for Milton Keynes University Hospital said, “We are excited to collaborate with Age UK Milton Keynes to expand our capacity for community-based interventions and support. This initiative reflects our commitment to delivering patient-centred care and addressing the holistic needs of individuals beyond the hospital setting.”