Milton Keynes Hospital Radio trial becomes a success

Date: 05/03/2024

Following the successful trial of bespoke mini web radios which had been created through a joint venture between Milton Keynes Hospital Radio and MK Maker Space an upgraded radio unit is now being routinely loaned to inpatients of Milton Keynes University Hospital.

Milton Keynes Hospital Radio broadcasts music, entertainment and information to the patients of Milton Keynes University Hospital 24 hours a day, via the campus wide free Wi-Fi. The ward visitors are responsible for distributing the radios of which 50 have so far been funded and built. These ward visiting volunteers also engage with the patients highlighting the radio service then replacing and recharging the radios as required.

Research has shown that music therapy can stimulate conversation, evoke memories and improve mood. The radio programmes are carefully crafted to enhance this therapeutic experience, including the request show where patients can choose what they hear. Whether patients prefer nostalgic tunes or calming melodies, our radios provide a seamless way to enjoy music.

Over the course of last year Hospital Radio saw a ten-fold increase in listener time within the hospital coupled with a doubling of listener sessions, proving the value of this volunteer led service.

Milton Keynes Hospital Radio is a volunteer led independent charity that build radios for patients to use to evoke memories and increase engagement. Further details are available on our website

To order a mini web radio for a patient, either email us at [email protected] or call us on 01908 690505, giving us their name and the ward which they are on.