Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Scheme

Milton Keynes University Hospital are proud to be part of the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Scheme and to help raise awareness of hidden disabilities.

Did you know?

Globally 1 in 7 of us live with a disability. Of those, 80% are invisible. That is 1 billion people who are living with a non-visible disability.

While some of us experience a disability that is visible, many of us have a non-visible condition. These non-visible disabilities, also known as invisible or hidden disabilities are not immediately obvious. They can be physical, mental, or neurological and include, but are not limited to, autism and Asperger syndrome, cognitive functions such as learning difficulties and dementia, as well as mental health conditions and speech, visual or hearing loss or both.. They also include respiratory and chronic conditions such as asthma, diabetes, chronic pain, and sleep disorders . Also, many people experience a combination of both visible and non-visible conditions.

We feel that it is important that everyone who has a non-visible disability and who would benefit from wearing a Sunflower lanyard is able to access one. We also welcome allies of the sunflower to wear a lanyard. You don’t need to have a disability to wear a the lanyard, and allies of the Sunflower and Ability network disability equality are always welcome. To obtain a lanyard, please contact the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower website. You can also contact your local supermarket to see if they may also have lanyards available.

Last Modified: 2:38pm 20/04/2023