Last Modified: 4:41pm 15/05/2024

Freedom to Speak Up

Freedom to Speak Up is support service available for staff working at MKUH.

We want a culture of openness and transparency at MKUH as ‘speaking up’ becomes business as usual for all. We believe that silence is not safe.

Freedom to Speak Up Guardians have a key role in helping being open and transparent.  They provide confidential advice and support to staff in relation to concerns they have about patient and staff safety at MKUH.

Guardians are independent of the usual management ties so they can listen to concerns in confidence. They can check MKUH policies and procedures are followed correctly, and when required Guardians can ask others to carry out investigations into concerns. The result is that Guardians will provide feedback so we can act to improve the safety of those in our care, and those we work with.

Do you want to raise a concern?

Click here to use our new form to contact the Guardians

In this role each Guardian will:

  • Work closely with the Board of Directors to ensure that MKUH becomes a more transparent place to work
  • Ensure staff feel supported and encouraged to be open and speak up about what they experienced and witnessed.

If you have a concern about patient safety or the safety of staff, please contact one of the MKUH Freedom to Speak Up Guardians at [email protected].

You can also call our mobile number 07779 986 470 and leave a message, and we will usually respond within 48 hours.

Our Speaking Up policy and procedure can be found on the MKUH Intranet under HR Policies with identifier HR-GL-5 .

Find out more about F2SU by clicking here.

We want to promote a safe environment for employees to raise concerns about patient and staff safety. For confidential advice and support, contact the MKUH Freedom to Speak Up Guardians or our Freedom to Speak Up Champions:

  • Abimbola Aremu – Champion
  • Angela Legate – Guardian
  • Elizabeth Taylor – Guardian
  • Hafsa Omar – Guardian
  • Karen Phillips – Guardian
  • Philip Ball – Guardian
  • Mary Wiggins – Champion
  • Nicola Cornish – Champion
  • Alison Marlow – Champion
  • Vanessa Braithwaite – Champion
  • Joanne Smith – Champion