Last Modified: 11:28am 05/04/2023

eCARE Capacity Management (CapMan)

In May 2023, MKUH will be going live with Capacity Management, a new application that will expand the use of eCARE into Portering, Domestics, Site Management, Bed Management, Discharge, and IPC.

All areas that currently have bed boards on eCARE will move to using Capacity Management for bed board management.

Beyond inpatients and teams associated with managing inpatient services, other teams and activities included are:

  • Support services (portering and domestics)
  • Theatres support workers
  • Imaging portering
  • Endoscopy portering
  • Equipment library
  • Outpatients (access to transport requests)
  • Reception areas (access to transport requests) – including volunteers

A key benefit of this project is the anticipated improved flow of patients through the hospital. This is due to the applications ability to see where the available beds are in real time. It will allow us to:

  • Admit patients from ED into bed more efficiently
  • Support safe and timely discharges
  • Enhance the flow of patients through the hospital (with portering and domestics receiving and managing their tasks electronically)
  • Use icons to improve the visibility of specific patients e.g. outliers
  • Reduce the time required for keeping the digital bed board up-to-date with bed swap and bed reservation functions.


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