Last Modified: 9:01am 23/12/2021

MILD HYPO-Adults who are conscious, orientated, and able to swallow but confused or aggressive.

  • Check ABCDE, stop IV insulin (if running).
  • Give 15-20g of quick acting carbohydrate, such as 5-7 Dextrosol® tablets or 4-5 Lift GlucoTabs® or 150-200ml pure fruit juice.
  • Test blood glucose level after 10-15 minutes and if still less than 4.0mmol/L repeat  treatment as above up to 3 times. If still hypoglycaemic, call doctor and consider IV dextrose or IM glucagon as per “severe” pathway.
  • Check glucose after 10-15 minutes. Once blood glucose level are now > 4.0mmol/L or above: Give 20g of long acting carbohydrate e.g. two biscuits, slice of bread, 200-300ml milk or next carbohydrate containing meal. Give 40g if IM glucagon has been used.  For patients with enteral feeding tube give 20g quick acting carbohydrate via enteral tube e.g. 50-70ml Ensure, Plus juice or Fortijuce.