Last Modified: 2:12pm 30/04/2021


Sub Cut Insulin Regime:

  1. Encourage self administration
  2. Follow advice from Trend UK on ‘sick day’ rules if applicable, below.
  3. Rule out DKA and HSS

Link to ‘Sick Day’ Rules:

Type 1 Diabetes: What to do when you are ill

Type 2 Diabetes: What to do when you are ill


Identify and correct possible reasons for decompensation

  • Infection
  • Intercurrent illness like MI, CVA.
  • Poor administration technique
  • Ensure insulin is given at prescribed time

If symptomatic consider giving stat correction dose of short acting insulin (4-6 units)

If ketones are positive (but not in DKA) follow sick day rules.

Critical Illness

Follow ‘sick day’ rules if possible.

If unable to optimise glycaemia, commence VRiii and contact diabetes team. ( NB: Working hours Mon-Friday 8.00-4.00pm) Bleep 1661. Extension 86018/21