Gestational diabetes

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If you have gestational diabetes it is very important that your blood glucose levels are controlled in order to prevent the baby from growing too quickly. Please check your blood glucose 4 times a day: on waking, then one hour after every meal. If you have any concerns about your blood glucose levels please speak to the Diabetes Midwife (contact details below):

o Waking readings should be less than 5.3 mmol/l
o One hour after meal readings should be less than 7.8 mmol/l
o Readings within the normal range show as green on the app, high readings are red and low readings (less than 5.3) are blue

• Open the app and click on the red ” + “ button on the hub page
• Tap on “Take BG reading”
• Take a blood glucose reading then remove the strip from the meter (the meter will turn off)
• Press the Bluetooth button on the meter for 3 seconds until the Bluetooth symbol appears
• Tap “Scan”
• Your reading will appear on your phone
• Select the meal type associated with your reading, tap “next”
• If you are taking medication you may be asked what dose you are taking. Type in dose and tap “next”
• If you would like to send the diabetes team a message about your reading, type into the “new comment” screen, then tap “submit”
• If you have a question about your blood sugars or your treatment, you can use the “Request a callback” function on the app, but this function should not be used for urgent problems or queries.

You should use your normal contact telephone numbers for urgent problems.

Contact details for Diabetes Midwife:
Email [email protected]
Telephone 01908 995237
Mobile (text only) 07917173208