Other proposed projects

Project Status: All projects below are currently undergoing consultation and proposal development.

Lloyd Court – Community Diagnostic Centre: 

Ophthalmology is both nationally and locally one of the busiest outpatient specialities. At MKUH, it accounts for between 10-15% of outpatient activity and continues to see ongoing increasing demand. The current outpatient accommodation is in a refurbished ward area, with little opportunity for expansion.  Whilst this is currently manageable through efficiency and innovation, the projected increase in demand for Ophthalmology services will soon mean that the estate cannot meet the demands of the service. It is therefore proposed that an alternative location is found in the form of a community eye clinic, based in Lloyds Court, Milton Keynes. This city central location will provide an improved patient environment and allow for growth in service.

Additional parking capacity

In support of the growth in the hospital estate, several proposals are being developed to relocate and accommodate additional car parking capacity at MKUH. This is set to include an additional multi-storey car park as part of our New Women’s and Children’s Hospital enabling works and improved site space utilisation across the site.