Meet the programme team

The New Hospital Programme (NHP) at MKUH will be the biggest infrastructure project undertaken by the hospital in the last 20 years. Meet the core team behind the MK View programme.


John Blakesley – Deputy Chief Executive and Senior Responsible Owner

John has over 40 years of experience in healthcare. His career started in pathology, before moving into general management.

He has undertaken a range of executive director roles as director of performance and delivery as well as deputy chief executive and director of market management (commissioning for a large PCT).

John is the senior responsible officer (SRO) for MK View.


Rebecca Grindley – Programme Director

Rebecca is the strategic lead for MK View. Rebecca is responsible for coordinating all workstreams and updates regarding the programme, reporting to our senior leadership team as well as NHS England and Improvement and the Department for Health.


Phil Eagles – Estates Lead for Strategic Development

Phil is the overall estates lead for our programme and is responsible for managing all of the construction, infrastructure and energy developments. Phil is the MK View lead for the building construction and manages the team (made up of both internal and external colleagues) to achieve the desired outcomes.


Malcolm Ormond – Associate Deputy Director of Estates

Malcolm is the project manager for our capital estates projects and is responsible for managing the building contractors and suppliers, ensuring that work is completed to a high standard and within the timescale agreed. Projects include the Radiotherapy Centre and the proposed new multi-storey car park.


Matthew Sandham – Clinical Lead for Strategic Development

Matthew is the clinical lead for MK View, ensuring that the clinical components for our new hospital are aligned and work collaboratively with the rest of the site.

To facilitate engagement across the hospital, Matthew has been organising a series of ‘Workshop Wednesdays’ throughout 2022, allowing teams to have their say on the new hospital. To continue these conversations, we will be hosting ‘Walkaround Wednesdays’ in 2023.

Matthew is a former Associate Chief Nurse at MKUH and has a wealth of knowledge and experience from a 30+ career in nursing.


Charlotte Naqvi – Workforce Lead

Charlotte is the workforce lead for MK View and is responsible for workforce planning and supporting/identifying transformation initiatives to help our workforce deliver high-quality, evidence-based care. Charlotte is a registered nurse by background with over 10 years of experience in various roles at MKUH.


Lisa Antonini – Communications & Engagement Lead

Lisa is responsible for managing programme communications both internally to staff as well as externally to key stakeholders, such as patients, members of the public and third-party organisations.


Emma Nilsen – Programme Support

Emma provides programme support to the strategic estate’s team, ensuring that team members have all the information that they need to manage their workstream successfully. Emma is often the first point of contact for the NHP, coordinating all requests so that they are actioned and responded to by the most appropriate individual.

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