MKUH Anti-Racism Principles

At MKUH we take a stand against racism. Our commitment to the promotion of equality, diversity, inclusion, and belonging is defined by seven key principles:

  1. We acknowledge that institutional racism exists in the NHS.
  2. We will make sure key decision-making teams include people from a diverse background and their work is credited.
  3. We will actively make systems and processes more equitable by opening paths of opportunity to those affected by racism.
  4. We will be open to experiences that challenge your world view of racism and inequity.
  5. We will provide high quality learning and development opportunities on race, racism, allyship, and being anti-racist.
  6. We will review our policies to reflect our anti-racist stance.
  7. We will take action to address the lack of representation.

Last Modified: 12:35pm 22/09/2022